Rick Bristle is your timber buyer! He lives in Fremont, Indiana and has served the tri-state area for nearly ten years. Rick will buy standing timber from all across the tri-state area. He employs best practices and exercises care and consideration as the logger of choice in the region.

We only pay cash for your timber. He will not cut trees nor leave your land before the deal is negotiated and the cash is paid to buy trees from you. Rick does not believe in playing games with the customer. Logs are only removed through methods that do not damage lands. All logs are lifted by skidloader or using horses and are not drug through your woods, which can damage the other trees and the lands surrounding them.

As a former farmer, he respects the land and his cutting methods provide the least amount of disturbance to the surrounding woods as possible. Rick is licensed and insured and has a long list of satisfied customers throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Harvesting your timber is a major decision and should be carefully considered. All logging companies are not created equal. Let us help you plan the best way to manage your timber.

To ensure that you get the most money for your trees and that your lands will be protected, contact Rick Bristle today at 419-799-1836.

Why Rick Bristle is the best man for the job:

- No volume of trees is too big or too small

- Cash is king! Cash is paid in full before any cutting begins

- No big equipment used...only skidloaders and horses are used

- No tree leaves your property without your permission

- Specializing in the harvesting of hardwoods

- Strong believer in doing business the right way

- Harvested logs are never drug through your land

- Service within a 100-mile radius of Steuben County, Indiana

- Estimates are always free...no games!

- List of highly-satisfied customers available upon request

- Trees are always sold at top-dollar nationally and internationally